Accounting report - POS
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Accounting report - POS

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Article Summary

The accounting report is a monthly summary of your daily sessions/z-reports specifying payment methods and VAT classes. This report is used for data box accounting (physical store).

How is the report used for accounting?

To open the report, go to the Main menu > Reports > Data Box > Accounting Report

The report's different columns

  • Short Sale: Value of transactions via bank terminal
  • Short return: Value of returns knocked out via bank terminal (VM400)
  • Cash Sales:  Value of Cash Sales
  • Cash Return: Value of returns knocked out in cash
  • Vipps Sales: Value of turnover with payment method Vipps
  • Gift Cards Used: Value of sales with gift cards as payment method
  • Gift Cards Sold: Value of gift cards sold (will be marked in minus)
  • Credit note used: Value of turnover knocked out with voucher as payment method
  • Credit note released: Value of credit notes issued (will be indicated in minus)
  • Total revenue: Total turnover. This is then total sales minus sold gift cards and issued credit cards (debt).
  • VAT [xx]%: Turnover specified on VAT classes
  • Total VAT: Turnover totaled. Should correspond to total turnover.
  • Diff: Difference between "total VAT" and "total turnover". Here, small differences may occur due to ear rounding. If there are larger differences, you should contact customer service to find out the difference.

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