Interface language in control panel
  • 15 Nov 2023
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Interface language in control panel

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Article Summary

The control panel supports multiple languages and can even be selected by each user. 

Important info
The translations in the platform are currently under development. If you find places where the text looks weird or the grammar is wrong, or even missing altogether. Send customer service a screenshot and a link to the page.

Change language

Language selection is done at profile level. That is, different users may have different languages in the control panel. 

To change the language of your user, click on logo/initials at the top right of the menu and select "Edit profile":

Then scroll down to Settings where you can select your language. 

Remember to save your preferences.

The language does not change

If you have chosen to change the language but the interface remains the same, you may need to clear browsing data.
This is because the language is stored in a so-called "language cookie".

Read more about how this is done for Chrome here →

Default language

The language layout follows the language of your browser by default.
This means that if you have Norwegian as the language in your browser, the control panel will follow that language.
If you have an English browser, the control panel will default to English.

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