Error messages from Tripletex
  • 29 Nov 2023
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Error messages from Tripletex

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Article Summary

This article discusses error messages that may occur when transferring orders/invoices to Tripletex.

Transmission failed

"Transmission failed. Visit this link for more information:"

If you get this error message, you have goods or shipping on the order with a VAT class that is not enabled in Tripletex. 

Log in to Tripletex, select Accounting > Settings > VAT settings and select the required VAT classes according to their turnover.

Overview of the VAT codes in Tripletex: MVA-koder

"Validation failed - Customer cannot receive EHF documents"

New customers

All customer cards transferred from Mystore become corporate customers in Tripletex.
Check the invoice sending setting in Tripletex. The setting for this can be found here: Invoice > Settings > Invoice settings and under the Invoice sending tab. 

These fields should be set to "Email".
For customers who can receive EHF, this can be selected directly on the customer cards in Tripletex. Customer cards can also be set as a private customer directly on the customer card in Tripletex.

Existing customers

If the customer already exists in Tripletex, it may have the wrong invoice type in the setup.

Then look up the customer card in Tripletex and scroll down to the tab Electronic invoice/reminder .
Here you can change the shipping method under the field "Send invoice via".
Email should be the default here, but if you are sure that the customer can receive EHF, the setting can be set to EHF.

"object not found"

If you receive this error message, it is enough to delete the order in Tripletex and then transfer again.

"Application Exception"

If you receive the error message "application exception" when transferring orders to Tripletex, this is an error in Tripletex that is being worked on to resolve.

If you receive this error message, both the invoice voucher and the order must be deleted in Tripletex, before the order can be transferred again. 

"the order already exists in Tripletex"

If you only get the error message "the order already exists in Tripletex", it is enough to delete the order in Tripletex and then transfer again.

"Unable to establish connection with Tripletex."  

Tripletex has not responded for 10 seconds, which gives timeout. Feel free to try transferring the order again.

Errors during transfer to accounting. Error Message: Unexpected Error

This error message comes from the API of Tripletex, this corresponds to communication problems with the API of Tripletex.

Here Tripletex will already know about the problems and they are working to fix it, we advise you to try to transfer the order(s) again in a couple of hours.

If the problem should persist longer than this, please contact Tripletex for further information.


Errors during transfer to accounting. Error Message: Unauthorized

This error message means that there is something wrong with the key used to connect the online store to Tripletex. A common mistake may be that the user in Tripletex who created the key does not have full administrator rights. 

To correct this, you should go through the setup of Tripletex again with a user who has full rights. You can read a guide for this here.

If this does not solve the problem, you must contact Tripletex to check if you have all rights required.

Customer number registered to supplier

In some cases, you may receive an error message indicating that the customer number in Mystore crashes with an already existing customer number in Tripletex (see example below).
Since Mystore does not support changing existing customer numbers, the solution in this case is to enter Tripletex, look up supplier/customer and customize customer number there.

Feil under overføring til regnskap. Feilmelding:Validering feilet.- Kundenummer 100001 er registrert på leverandøren MinLeverandør ( 100001).ID: 6663a784-46d4-44db-af97-67af628999c4

Updating this field is not allowed. Do you have the necessary permissions in your account?

This error message is due to insufficient access at either user level or API key in Tripletex.

Look for answers in Tripletex's knowledge base or contact Tripletex support.

A description or product must be registered.

The error message occurs if the order has one or more empty product lines.
Edit orders, correct product lines and start a new transfer.

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