Can I create my own tags on line orders?
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Can I create my own tags on line orders?

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Article Summary

With our custom tags, you can both create your own tags and bulk process tags on the order lines.

Custom tags require "Easy Residual Handling" installed. Please contact customer service via chat to get this activated.

How to activate

To enable the extension, navigate to Apps > Settings in your control panel. Here, enable the "Custom tags on order lines" extension.

How to add tags

Tags are added by pressing "Customize" where tags are added to the order line.

What are "custom tags"?

Efficient order processing is something we at Mystore work hard to achieve, and this is one of several modules that contribute to this. With custom tags, you can create flexible order displays based on which tags your order lines have.

We already have built-in system tags that are used, among other things, by our purchasing system and for manual residual handling, etc. You can additionally create your own tags to keep system on order lines.

What can I do with these new tags?

The main area of use is to create order displays.

In the example below, we have created an order view via our order filter that lists all orders that have products with the tag "Waiting for a response", in a hypothetical case where you have asked a customer questions about whether the size was correct, etc.

Mass processing increases efficiency

As the screenshot below shows, you can select multiple order lines and put the same tag on multiple lines at once. Time saved!

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