Quick Edit
  • 13 Nov 2023
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Quick Edit

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Article Summary

Quick Edit allows you to change certain fields on the product range directly in the interface. When the changes are saved, a job starts that updates the products and eventually logs it all. It just doesn't get any easier! 

Get started

To get started with quick editing, you can easily find the products you want by using filter, search and columns.

Once you've found your products, Quick Edit opens by clicking the "Actions" menu and selecting "Enable Quick Edit"

Editing products

After quick editing is enabled, some fields will be editable.
This is clearly visible in that editable products have an editable field versus "regular" products that have text that is readable only.

After a field is edited, it will be indicated by a turquoise frame around the field.

The picture below shows that the field for "SKU" has not changed, while the field for "In price" has changed and has a turquoise border.

Finalize editing

To finalize editing products, click "Save changes", this will start a job performing all changes and updating products. 

An indicator will show the progress of updating products.


After introducing the quick edit, the "Bulk Editor" log is divided into two parts; "Actions" and "Quick Editing"

To see the log go to "Overview" in the side menu, then you can choose between the two log types.


Actions show what used to be called "Actions" - these are larger jobs that are performed on several products at the same time.

Read more about extended log for actions here

Quick edit

Each quick edit will appear as an entry, grouped by date.
For example: if Jane performs an update on 3 products at 12:30 and Josh performs an update of 7 products at 14:00, it will appear as two entries on the same date.

Click on "View changes" to see an overview of all products that have been changed and what changes have been made to the status before and after the change:

Keyboard shortcut

Press "Enter" to jump down to the same field on the next row, og press "CTRL + ENTER" to jump back up to the same field on the previous row.


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