What is Mystore Shipping
  • 05 Oct 2023
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What is Mystore Shipping

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Article Summary

In this help article, we will go through the main features of the Mystore Freight agreement and what this means for you as a customer. We also go through some frequently asked questions.

What is Mystore Shipping?

Mystore Frakt gives you the opportunity to use our discounted agreements with PostNord and Bring. This can give you a huge competitive advantage when it comes to shipping. You do not have to negotiate an agreement even as the prices have already been negotiated on their behalf. The best part about the deal is that you get everything in one place – shipping doesn't get any easier than this. 

Does the deal cost anything?

You do not pay anything to enter into the agreement as it is only invoiced for what you actually send. You even have free parcel collection when you send with PostNord, no matter how much or how little is sent. The prices for the shipping agreement can be found in your control panel. You can also find more info about the agreement here.

How to ship with Mystore Shipping

Sending packages with Mystore Shipping is easy. You create the shipments directly from your control panel, you print and attach barcode labels to the packages, then PostNord or Bring come and pick them up. 

Before we tell you how to send your parcels, we need to tell you a little about how everything is connected. In order for the consignments to go smoothly, information about the consignments must be sent from the carrier's online store via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). For example, this is what makes the customer receive essential information such as that the package is ready for collection. EDI integration reduces the number of incorrect deliveries, gives you automatic tracking possibilities and faster freight handling than with manual shipment. 

How to print shipping labels and transfer shipping information.

You can either use the PostNord Booking Widget, MyBring, or have an agreement with an external transport management provider (TA provider). Examples of TA suppliers are: Logistra, nShift / Consignor, Proteria and Axia Frakt.

What does EDI mean?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the system that ensures the transfer of electronic information from one system to another. In connection with Mystore Frakt, EDI is used to transfer shipping information from your control panel to PostNord and Bring's systems.

The two best integrations for EDI for Mystore Frakt are Logistra, PostNord Booking Widget and MyBring.

What EDI solutions can you use?

Logistra (Recommended)

Our most seamless EDI integration. With Logistra you can create shipment with all possible shipping methods directly via the order processing in the control panel – automatically.  

Supports most carriers in Norway, so you also have the option to combine multiple carrier agreements if applicable.

This option requires you to create a user with Logistra.

More information about the Logistra integration can be found here.

Is an EDI agreement with e.g. Logistra included? 

No, you must sign an agreement with Logistra, or another TA supplier (transport administration) yourself - or use our PostNord Booking Widget. See the points above.
When you go through the order of Mystore Shipping, we guide you and explain what you need and where you order. 

PostNord Booking Widget

The PostNord Booking Widget is a free service that can be used to create consignments, print labels and transfer shipping information from the control panel to PostNord. The main difference between Logistra and the PostNord Booking Widget is that you are limited to sending the package as MyPack Collect (pick up in store) and MyPack Home (delivered to your door).

More information about the PostNord Booking Widget can be found here.


Mybring is Bring's digital self-service tool for companies - designed to simplify your company's logistics everyday life. Using MyBring, you can easily print Package to Pickup shipping labels directly in your control panel. Read more about MyBring here.

How often and how do I pay for shipping?

Invoices for the packages you have sent will arrive weekly and you will receive them from us. Payable as an ordinary invoice.
Your invoice will state how many of each package product you have sent and a sum.

Inside your control panel you will find a Freight dashboard that, among other things, shows you all your invoices with full invoice basis so that you can see in detail how much each shipment has cost, which order it belongs to, what the shipping weight is and any additional charges that have come (e.g. for long packages, packages that did not fit in the mailbox etc. – see more about this in the agreement).

See more about the dashboard here. 

How often are prices updated?

Normally, price adjustments from PostNord take place on 1 December each year. There may also be changes during the rest of the year. You will be notified by email in advance of such adjustments.
See more about this in your agreement.  

Do I HAVE to use Mystore Shipping when I am a customer here?

No, it is entirely up to you which carrier you want to use and how you want to set up shipping label printing in your store. 

You can also combine multiple shipping agreements if that's beneficial for you. Feel free to contact us if you want to look at what options you have before you decide. 😊

What if I already have a shipping agreement?

You can, of course, keep your shipping agreement and your shipping setup in the online store as before. Or you can supplement with Mystore Shipping, or you can exchange your current agreement with ours. Depending on what is most beneficial for you and your store. Feel free to ask us if you are in doubt about what is the best thing to do. 

If you already have a customer number at PostNord, but see that our agreement is more beneficial for you, you must review the order form for Mystore Frakt so that you are assigned a new customer number that is linked to Mystore Shipping. You choose whether you want to keep your old customer number in addition or whether you notify PostNord and terminate it. 

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